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About & FAQ's

Well for starters, we are located in the US,
and ONLY deal in the US.

Shipping and tax are included in sales price.
Remember that some items need Pre-Ordering.
So if there is an item that you would like that
states it needs pre-ordering please Contact me at:
with the item name,your Pay-pal email
and how many you need!


Q: I need more than one pair of shoes, do you do wholesale?
A: Not really, but if you need more than one i can give you a discount!

Q: How long does the shipping take?
A: It really depends where you are located..Usually if its here in Austin,Texas I will have someone take it personaly.

Q:What if I can not pay by pay-pal?
A:Well thats the safest way you can buy something off the internet, and thats all i take for now. Unless you are located here in Austin, Texas, and i can tke cash!

Q:There is a certain item that I want, but you do not have it on your list Can you find it?
A:Yes, All i need is for you to send me the brand and a picture of the item and i can find it for you!
[BTW its]